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Hello everyone,

I'm new here, but not a new writer. I've been a reporter for over a year now full time at a local newspaper on Long Island. I'm also the stringer for two other newspapers, write for several music web sites, write for a real estate magazine and also run my own weekly web mag, Perpetual Toxins.

You guys should check out Perpetual Toxins - We cover mostly music, but all forms of entertainment, art and culture, in the Long Island and NYC area. It's run by me and a friend with help from my girlfriend and his boyfriend. We update weekly, but currently have no set day and we're always looking for writers and whatnot.

The last issue, which will only be up for a couple of more days, featured Patent Pending, a punk ska band from Long Island on the Warped Tour. Past interviews include: Kevin Devine, Rainer Maria, Metric and Theo and the Skyscrapers. In coming weeks we'll feature interviews with: Joan Jett, From Autumn to Ashes and I Am the Avalanche.

So check out and let me know what you think!! You can also email me at:
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