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Letters From A Tapehead update - 7.14.07

Morning all,

This is my first review for July and it's already half-way over. I guess I let a little too much time go by. But, I bring you a new review of Icky Thump, latest by the ever black, white n' red all over White Stripes and, surprisingly, I wound up liking it a lot. You can find that here.

Ever critical in regard to all the undue press they receive, I think they actually deserve it this time around, even though they're not getting as much as they used to. At least it doesn't seem that way. When Get Behind Me Satan came out, Rolling Stone magazine was glaringly exaggerating the album's "brilliance" with one of the worst reviews I think I've ever read. For Icky Thump, they've given high marks but it may as well be a shrug in comparison.

Anyway, check the review and I'll be back with something soon. Hopefully, before the end of July.

Thanks for reading.
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